stephen harris amp

The Man with Many Hats

There is no better view of downtown Lambertville than the view from the second floor of the 26Bridge Studio & Gallery. When Stephen and his business partner, Laura Pedrick, rented the place for their “underground” fine art photography gallery, they found the location irresistible. Their gallery’s large window hovers above the New Jersey side of the…

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Doctor Jeffrey Buckwalter Balance Specialist

Jeffrey Buckwalter – The Fern Whisperer

Jeffrey Buckwalter, the Doctor who found Balance in Nature  I spotted Jeffrey from two hundred yards away, just as one might spot a rare bird or flower in the wilderness. The group of workers and volunteers was busy setting up the display of native flowers and ferns for sale on the outdoor counters, trimming rough…

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Bear Rich Rael New Hope


    Most people in town know Bear. Yet only a few people know the unbelievable story of the guy behind the colorful jewelry and tattoos. It’s a tale of a talented musician who had his brush with fame. And it’s a story of a Bear who got poked too much and too hard. When…

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Alan Rosenberg New Hope

Alan at the River Front

When Wild Horses Settle by the River   Close your eyes and picture a horse. Now imagine that horse situated alongside a river. What do you see? What do you hear? Is it a wild stallion galloping across rough waters? Or do you see a tame horse gently walking by a quietly flowing stream, grazing…

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The Birdhouse - Bronwyn Bird Justin Nawn

The Birdhouse Center for the Arts

A tale that ends with a bang Justin Nawn really wanted to be a drummer. With a professional pianist grandmother classical music was in his genes, but this kid wanted to rock! However, with neighbors within earshot of his house, drumming was not a realistic option for expressing his musical side  . . .  and…

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The Sweet Side of Iris

When life gave her lemons, Iris made a lemon cake out of them. If life had not given Iris Lauber a bittersweet taste of challenges and hurdles, I may have met her somewhere else. Maybe in a café in Haifa, Israel next to the small town where she was born and lived until the age…

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