When In New Hope & Lambertville, Do as the Locals

New Hope Travel Guide

Linda’s Guide to Local Living 

Clusters Handcrafted Popcorn





A good place to spot celebs

Just outside of the playhouse. Many celebs come here to see plays and walk down Main Street. Marilu Henner and Justin Guarini (American Idle) are regulars.

Untraditional things to do with popcorn

Popcorn is a great bar snack. Take some with you to any of the great bars in town and it will make your drinks tastier. It goes well with beer and wine.

A great place to dine

We love going to Karla’s. A great place to dine, have a drink and listen to music.

The best time to walk in town

I love New Hope at all times, but especially in the middle of the afternoon. It’s also the busiest time for us at Clusters.

A good place to snack on popcorn while walking in town

Don’t miss walking down by the river next to the playhouse. Walk across the bridge to Lambertville. Take a boat ride. Feel the breeze, look at the view or watch the fireworks. Keep your popcorn bag open and come back for more to take home.

Stephen’s Guide to Local Living

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A Special Store to Visit

The People’s Store on the corner of Church and Union.  It’s a consignment shop. Three floors where you can spend an entire day looking at antiques and art.

Best Place to Put In (a boat)

Start at Bulls Island about seven miles north of here and paddle downstream all the way to town. It’s a good 2-3 hour workout.

Best Spot to Take a Picture

Walk south on the canal from Lambertville Station and look for the graffiti train – an abandoned train with cool graffiti on them. Then continue on to the wing dam on the Delaware River.

Top Place to Dine

There are so many choices, however The Lambertville Station or The Landing are obvious choices. 

Unique Restaurant

The Lambertville House, a perfect place to eat or just have a drink right here on Bridge Street.

Must Thing to Do in Town

Visit the galleries. Give the galleries some love. Don’t be afraid to visit. It’s ok to just walk in and look.

Jeffrey  Buckwalter’s Guide to Local Living

Doctor Jeffrey Buckwalter Balance Specialist

What to bring when you come out to Bowman’s Hill Wildflower Preserve

Good walking or hiking shoes, binoculars for bird watching and a magnifying glass

Not to miss when visiting

The early bloom of the ephemerals in the spring

Recommended Activity

Take a guided tour with a naturalist. The weekend lecture series at the preserve is fascinating and runs through the winter.

A good place to dine after visiting the preserve

The Bowman’s Hill Tavern just at the entrance of the Bowman’s Preserve

David J. Witchell’s Guide to Local Living


David J. Witchell

Do not to miss

Climb all the stairs to the top of the Bowman’s Hill Tower for one of the best views in the east coast

Secret place to dine

Eating at the Bar at Anton’s at The Swan in Lambertville and The Bar at Earl’s in Peddler’s Village and the porch at the Carversville Inn on a beautiful night. Three of the best kept secrets in the area.

Things to do

Ride a bike on the towpath

Things to do with your dogs

Go on a hike with your dogs in Washington Crossing Park. You’ll both appreciate it.

Secret Activity

Swing on the rope swing and jump into the Delaware river – Look for the hidden swing on the NJ side, north of Stockton

How to dress when in New Hope?

Layers! Definitely wear layers. You never know what’s going to hit you.


Denise Marshall

Denise’s guide to local living




Local Bar

If you are out of town or on a date, go to The Boat House in Lambertville for a drink. The atmosphere is great


The Wine Cellar in Lambertville has great flights of wine and delicious appetizers.

Unusual Store

Finkles Hardware store is the world’s most unusual hardware store you will see. This legendary store, managed today by Rachel and Sven has a lot of charm and it’s a great place to get inspired about projects.

A place to grab Coffee

Saxbys Coffee in Peddler’s Village. Free parking (a sore point inside New Hope) and it is cozy during the wintertime to sit by the fireplace.

Outdoor Activity

I like to park my car outside of the Bowman’s Wild Flower Preserve and walk the trails with my camera. It is absolutely beautiful.

Favorite Pizza Place

My favorite Pizza place in New Hope is Spatola’s. They have the best tomato sauce for the pizza’s and they deliver.

Favorite Restaurant

Anton’s at the Swan, the atmosphere and food are great. You can sit outside and enjoy a great meal and drinks just over the bridge in Lambertville.



Alan Rosenberg New Hope PA

Alan’s guide to local living




Best pastime activity

Get a kayak or a canoe and get on the river, but don’t get too close to the wing dam, south of town, it can get rough around there.

What not to do

Don’t drink and drive, especially if you are riding a heavy motorcycle. Instead, find a nice place to stay in town for the night.

Secret tour

If you are into art – look for paintings and murals by William “Billy” Selesnick, an old friend who left his mark in town before moving to Florida, including the mural on Karla’s wall.

Sit Down & Relax

The Lambertville Station – A great place with great atmosphere to sit, relax and get a bite to eat.


A great place to chill, have a drink and hear some live music is http://www.franspub.net/

Fine Dining

Top notch food, right here in the center of town http://www.marshabrownrestaurant.com/



Iris’s guide to New Hope local living:




Favorite Food

Romanian-Israeli-American Cuisine, fresh from my kitchen

Coolest Hangout

Lamberville General Store up River Road.

Romantic Place to sleep

The Wedgwood Inn. The most romantic B&B on the east coast, walking distance from town.

Where to Soak in Some Nature

Delaware Canal Towpath Park

Ideal Activity

The Canal path is excellent for walking or running, but on a nice weekend, keep to your right or you might get hit by a bike

Not to Miss

A good concert and dinner at Havana Restaurant & Bar

Live Like a Local

New Hope gets crazy with tourists on a nice weekend day. Consider visiting during the middle of the week.


beachers comunity stage

John’s guide to New Hope local living:




Favorite Burger

Karla’s Restaurant for Dinner

Coolest Hangout

John & Peters

Ideal Activity

You can put in your Kayak on the D&R canal, go upstream for few miles and than carry your boat over to the river and float down stream.

Best Shopping

J B Kline New & Vintage in Lambertville, checkout the music instruments on the second floor.

Not to miss

The Community Stage on Thursday nights

Live Like a Local

Bring your instrument and sign up for the Community Stage at Karla’s on Thursday at 8:45 outside of the restaurant. Enjoy the local music scene from the stage. You snooze you loose.


Carl Dinie wedgwoodCarl & Dinie’s Guide to New Hope Local Living:




A place to grab a coffee

” Last Temptation ” on S Main St

A romantic dinner

Zoubi Restaurant & Bar“. Make sure to have reservations.

The best beer

Dubliner” & “Havanas“, it’s a close call.

A good parking

On weekends and in the evenings, use the New Hope-Solebury High School parking lot on W Bridge Street

A secret nature spot

The Canal Towpath through town. Parallel to Main Street, yet 200 miles long.

A fun outdoor activity

Hiking through Washington Crossing State Park, and its Wildflower Preserve.

Must thing to do

Take a leisurely stroll on the pedestrian walkway of the New Hope-Lambertville Free Bridge and enjoy the architecture of this historic steel bridge as well as the sweeping views of the Delaware River. Straddle the NJ-PA state line painted across the walkway. Wave to boaters, fishermen and jet-skiers too.

Best Place to Kiss

At the Wedgwood Inn of course!


Annet’s guide to New Hope local livingnew hope visitor center annette rosenberg




Recommended Activity

at the Bucks county playhouse, A great workshop for actors, writers and directors who want to sharpen their skills.

No Where Else But New Hope

Theater Boot Camp at the Bucks county playhouse, A great workshop for actors, writers and directors who want to sharpen their skills.

Spooky activity

Ghost Tours of New Hope, featuring lots of fun and surprising history.

Don't Skip

The loktender’s house on the canal, featuring life at the lock in 1832, it’s a great free activity.

Best Shopping

The small, local shops on main street New Hope. No chain stores were allowed here.

Don't Forget

To walk across the bridge to Lambertville NJ

Live Like a Local

Parking can get challenging at times. If you forget to put money in the meter it would only take few minutes until you get a parking ticket. The best thing to do -get the parkmobile parking app and use it!


Bear’s guide to New Hope local livingbear-new-hope






 John & Peters is an institute. Still, the best place to catch the greatest bands.

Food & Music

 Havana. Bear practically lives in Havana. Best place to hang out, eat and see concerts.


 Fred Eisen Leather. Fred is a neighbor and an unusual artist. If you are in town and not a vegan, go see his stuff.

Tip for visiting Musicians

Too many Musicians who come to play in town play covers and try to copy the original. True artists make original music and dare to create something new. You’ll be more remembered and appreciated.